15th April 2020

5 Cost Saving Tips For Long Term Success

Consider your last structural project; what would you change? Were your crew able to cooperate efficiently throughout? Did any unexpected changes emerge and did you adapt? Did you exceed client expectations?

Prowess in construction comes from meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the skills, techniques and materials required to deliver the project on time and under budget. Consider how Hadley SFS enables Structural Engineers to plan, save, and save again.


Tip: Time is Everything

Managing your schedule and managing your finances go hand in hand. A combination of forward planning and patience is vital to a financially successful installation. 

One of the principal benefits of installing Hadley SFS is speed. For the Structural Engineer who plans their day down to the minute, this has a number of cost-saving advantages. In a study conducted by Faithful and Gould, a crew of three constructed 2,000m2 of wall area using Hadley SFS in just 54 days. It took 156 days to construct the same wall area from blockwork.


Tip: Know Your Crew

For the quality-conscious construction professional, it’s important to remember that you are only as good as your team. 

A skilled crew, however, comes at a price. Consider the 14 week lead the skilled crew of three had when using Hadley SFS. In order to achieve the same timescale using blockwork, the crew would need to be much larger in number, putting strain on you as a project manager and strain on your investors. Hadley’s lightweight steel framing can be transported, delivered and installed much faster, allowing for a small crew to complete the job of many.


Tip: Always Think Long Term

Hadley SFS offers considerable long-term savings for your investors and your clients, giving you the financial edge.  

Thanks to the speed of installation of Hadley SFS, time and money is saved by closing the building envelope quicker. This is particularly beneficial to large scale and high rise developments. The reduced necessity of wet trades means a reduced risk of time delays due to weather conditions.

Less disruption and less disturbance mean your client can commence fit-out much faster, giving them the long term economic advantage as well. 


Tip: Know When to Adapt

Proper forward planning and communication is essential to your business. However, in construction, no two days are the same. New instructions from top decision-makers do happen, and they have a direct effect on the complex chain of operations, to which you will need to adapt. 

For structural alterations and re-configurations, Hadley SFS allows for this with minimal wastage. Its ability to cover large distances allows for design alterations to take place using partition walls, and it’s lightweight frame allows for additional stories to be constructed without the risk of overloading existing foundations.


Tip: Never Stop Learning

Hadley SFS can save time and money for you and your clients, thanks to its fast and flexible installation process. Observe Faithful and Gould’s comparison study of Hadley SFS and blockwork and exceed your clients’ expectations with new cost-saving opportunities.