UltraGrid™ is an exposed ceiling grid system offering a range of significant benefits over other systems including greater strength, lower weight, improved spring tension characteristics, enhanced screw retention and improved fire test performance.

Ceiling grid system with optimum load capacity

The majority of the benefits which come with our metal ceiling grid systems are derived from our patented UltraSTEEL®technology, a cold roll-forming stage of the manufacturing process that effectively doubles the thickness of the raw material without any increase in weight. The resulting increase in strength – or load carrying capacity – is further enhanced by double stitching of the main and cross Tees.

Aesthetically pleasing and offering outstanding versatility, UltraGrid™ is compatible with all types of services including light fittings, suspended ceiling grid systems, air conditioning units and sprinkler systems, and can accommodate a range of lay-in ceiling tiles. This makes the system ideal for commercial, education, health care, residential and industrial projects.

Stronger and Lighter

Greater load carrying performance and tensile strength enables raw material savings of up to 20% for reduced weight and easier installation.

Reduced noise transmission

The dimpled surface of UltraGrid™ also reduces noise transmission through ceilings.

Enhanced screw retention

Screw retention is improved as screws are in contact with a material thickness greater than the nominal gauge of the steel.

Improved memory and spring retention

After loading UltraGrid™ displays a 31% reduction in permanent deformation vs similar products without the UltraSTEEL® process.

Improved fire test performance

Fire test performance in a studded wall application shows that UltraSTEEL® performs significantly better in stability, integrity and insulation.

We also offer our high load capacity UltraGrid™ system, which uses our patented UltraSTEEL® technology to deliver greater strength and reduced weight. Learn more about the UltraGrid™ ceiling grid system here.