We produce a range of high-performance internal framing profiles for stud and track partitioning and ceiling furring applications.

These systems are commonly used on commercial, education, health care, residential and industrial projects. Full compatibility with all makes of plasterboard ensures quick and reliable installation, and profiles are available in gauges from 0.4-1.0 mm to suit different applications.

Dry-wall partitioning systems

Our stud and track partitions are lightweight, non-loadbearing and quickly assembled on site. This versatile system allows for the services to continue during construction with minimal disruption.

Ceiling furring sections

Our ceiling furring sections offer a high-performance support system for plasterboard, providing sound insulation and fire protection that can be used for new ceiling structures or to upgrade existing ceilings. These sections can be used with rigid angle, galvanised wire or adjustable hanger supports.

Angle beads and accessories

We supply a full range of angle beads and accessories including:

  • Corner bead
  • Stop bead
  • Board trim
  • Clips, brackets and hangers