27th April 2020

Plan like a CEO: Tips for Smart Structural Planning

Hadley SFS is the flexible, lightweight and sustainable material that is making its way across more and more of Dubai’s iconic skyline. However, It did not get there by chance. Here are five planning tips for smart Structural Engineering in Dubai, using Hadley SFS. 


Plan Ahead

For Structural Engineers, planning begins many months before anyone enters a construction site. The more thought, experience and insight that goes into designing your structures at the early stages, the better. 

Hadley’s service begins with a detailed design process, including full, value-engineered construction drawings and BIM (Building Information Modelling), created in house or alongside your collaborators. The flexible and sustainable benefits of SFS are put to work immediately, designing a smart structure that minimises waste and offers opportunities for significant savings before work begins.


Continuous Communication

Communication has been the source of problems in construction so frequently, it has even been the subject of extensive academic research. The problem of communication exists in large enterprises and forward-thinking Structural Engineers must put effective communication standards in place early. 

Beyond the planning stage, Hadley’s team of in-house technicians and Structural Engineers are on hand to support your team in an effective installation. Training courses are also available on a regular basis, run by expert Installers who will educate your teams on the full range of Hadley SFS products and processes.

When the build begins, Approved Installers will receive regular site visits, keeping channels of communication open until the build is complete.


Know Your Budget

Budgetary planning in construction must take all tasks into account, on and off the critical path. Investing in a quality product can be costly, but investing in a substandard service can cost Engineers much more than just time and money. Know your budget to the finest detail as soon as possible. 

In an independent cost comparison report published by Faithful and Gould, the cost savings of Hadley SFS versus traditional blockwork were significant. In a study where 2,000m2 of sample external wall was erected using both materials, SFS outperformed blockwork in cost, saving nearly 4 million AED on Main Contractor Time Related Preliminaries. The time saved installing Hadley SFS allowed for a more efficient and cost-effective overall project. 



Regardless of weeks of forward planning, you can afford to contribute to your next project, there will always be changes along the way, some more unexpected than others. Should a structural plan require a last-minute change, you need flexible materials that can adapt without compromising on quality or health and safety.

Hadley SFS can adapt to your building’s configuration quickly and easily, by adding parts or taking them away. Extra floors and partitions can be added to structures if needed, without overloading the foundations. 


Know Your Product

Quality structural project management comes from forward-thinking, communication, time and budget management and knowing when to be flexible. Knowing your product inside out helps with all of the above. When learning about new products and services, it’s important to do background research.


Read the SFS vs blockwork comparison study, then see how Hadley SFS was used to construct the iconic Etihad Eco-Residence at Masdar City in Abu Dhabi. Know Hadley SFS, and incorporate it into a robust structural plan that will make for a cost-effective and successful build.