19th October 2020

A Fast-tracked Modern Method of Cinema Seating

Hadley is always committed to less wastage and improved efficiencies. Hadley is leading the way when it comes to sustainable and innovative methods of construction. No strangers to innovation, Hadley’s steel framing division have developed a lightweight, cold-rolled steel structural Cinema Seating system that you won’t want to miss out on.


Tell me more about this innovative structure

Let’s face it, taking the hassle out of anything time consuming is a win in anyone’s books. This is why Hadley has developed a light gauge, galvanized steel, structural Cinema Seating system that has been extensively tested. 


Time to Build

Are time and cost key factors in your project? Hadley’s modular framing system will not only save you time but it will save you money too. One of the many benefits of this auditorium seating system is it is fully modular and packed up into portable crates. These crates can then be easily transported around an active construction site.


Why should I use this system?

Although there is a mound of reasons as to why we recommend this system, here are just a few we would like to highlight:



Did you know that this particular system is up to 40% lighter than your traditional blockwork. Don’t let the lightness fool you; this system is made from cold-rolled galvanised steel.



So what does dry mean? Quite simply this means that the need for wet trades has been removed. This also means less trades on site which is a financial gain.



As the modular sections are only a max weight of 25kg this removes the need for any heavy lifting equipment being on site.


No hot works needed

This system is Tek-screwed which eliminates the need for any hot works being done on site such as welding.



Safety is always number one which is why this system is fully DCD compliant, which means it exceeds the standards for thermal and fire performance.



When it comes to seating in a cinema, acoustics is important. This is why this system has been developed with this in mind, making it’s acoustic performance superior when compared with traditional blockwork.


Why Hadley?

We get it, investing in something when you’re not 100% sold can be tricky. Hadley for over 50 years has been developing modular systems with innovation at the heart of every project. Not only can you trust Hadley to provide you with a worthwhile solution but you can also rely on them to back up any products they supply which is why this system is covered by Hadley PI insurance and the product is warrantied for 15 years.


When looking at investing in Cinema Seating Systems, consider Hadley for this fast-track modern method of construction.


For more information on this cinema seating system and the processes involved, see our Hadley Cinema Seating page.