19th October 2020

A Fully Bespoke Design Service Catered For You

Hadley are leaders when it comes to innovative & sustainable methods of construction. They are committed to improved efficiencies and less wastage. Dedicated to supporting you throughout your design project Hadley has a team of in-house Structural Engineers and technicians ready to assist you with a fully bespoke design service which includes three tiers of design.


A Bespoke Offering of Design Services

When it comes to design, Hadley are no strangers. Hadley offers a fully bespoke design service which includes indicative design, full detailed design and BIM.


The Help you Need

Are you looking at designing a new build using Hadley? Hadley offers a design service where getting involved is their top priority. Hadley offers Indicative design which includes taking structural engineer or architect drawings and using their own in house software to make a series of panel drawings. This service allows projects to be fully costed and effectively demonstrates to regulators how it will work.

Following Indicative Design, we can provide detailed drawings, a fully dimensioned design produced by an in-house team with the goal of providing lead drawings for installation.


What will this cost me?

When it comes to Innovative design structures, Hadley aims to attract, but what about attracting with numbers? Hadley’s bespoke design services come with a range of options which have been suited with a budget in mind. Hadley’s Indicative Design service is free of charge with a 7 – 10 day turnaround and their fully detailed design is chargeable with a 6 – 8 week lead time. For your peace of mind, the fully detailed designs are also underwritten by Hadley’s own PI insurance.


The Time it Takes

Are you worried about the time it will take to implement these design systems? Hadley had this at the front of their minds which is why they offer a BIM service. ‘BIM’, BIM (an abbreviation for Building Information Modelling) in the context of construction is the process of operating and delivering built assets using well-structured digital information representing both its physical and functional characteristics that all the necessary parties have access to.


How can I use BIM?

Information models can be used to inform all stages of a built asset’s lifecycle; from inception right through to operation and renewal. We have a full series of models available, click here to find out more.


Suited to me

So how can you be sure this system will work for you? Although Hadley doesn’t install the system, they have a duty to ensure it is installed to specification. Hadley offers peace of mind to your project, with regular site visits from a site manager to ensure it is being installed correctly.


See our Hadley Design Page for further information on our bespoke design service.