19th October 2020

A Unified Set of Standards

The rumours are true, the Dubai Executive Council has just recently approved the new Building Code that streamlines building rules and helps cut construction costs.


What does this mean?

Although the code is yet to be released, it has been speculated that The National AE outline describes the code as; “a unified set of standards for construction that promotes sustainable development and innovation in building design”. The piece then moves on to say; “The code further creates a “one-stop-shop for obtaining approval from Dubai’s licensing agencies and departments”, easing the process for constructors, investors and owners”.


Well-being is the heart of it

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, said, “Ensuring the well-being of the public is one of the primary objectives of Dubai’s development strategy,” He also went on to say “By maintaining high levels of service efficiency and excellence, we seek to raise the welfare of Dubai’s citizens and residents, who are partners in the emirate’s development journey. Having this goal inspires us to be innovative and creative in developing services and initiatives that can create a better future.”


How will this affect me?

What if we told you that we could free up even more of your time? Not only will this new building code open up some of your time by eliminating a lengthy approvals process, but we also promise to free up even more of your time by switching to Hadley Steel Frame System. In a recent study, Hadley was proven to be 14 weeks quicker to install 2,000m2 external wall compared to traditional blockwork.


The Three Principle drivers of the future

Although difficult to absolutely determine just yet, it appears these 3 principle drivers are the future of UAE construction:

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Costs

These principles are important as they align to using Hadley Steel Framing Systems in the following ways:



Hadley prides itself in being sustainable, which was revealed in a recent study. The results show that there was a 95% decrease in wastage in using an SFS wall compared to traditional blockwork. This is because SFS can be reused and recycled without losing any of its qualities.



Innovation is one of the key drivers of Hadley. The constant need to improve the systems in place is always at the forefront of every project, committing to improved efficiencies.



So how do the numbers fit in? In a recent cost comparison study, a saving of nearly 4 million AED was recorded when a sample size of 2,000m2 of external wall was selected in comparison to Blockwork.


Are you ready?

Now that you know what lies ahead, are you ready? Now more than ever is the best time to be thinking about Hadley Steel as your preferred supplier especially now that the building code is due to be released soon.

See the Faithful and Gould Hadley SFS vs Blockwork cost comparison report, and prepare for the future of Dubai construction.