27th April 2020

Hadley SFS: British made steel is the future of the ME

Building the Future

Good business in Dubai has always been about building the future. In the book A History of Future Cities, Daniel Brook describes how in recent decades, Dubai has transformed from an “outlandish idea to an economic powerhouse of the Middle East,” and is now one of the “crucibles of non-Western modernity.”

Your decisions are what help shape the future in modern construction. Hadley Industries Middle East is invested in shaping the future of metal. Here’s how quality British made steel is constructing the future of Dubai.


The Future of Efficient Construction

In today’s landscape, progressive materials need to be about much more than aesthetics. A progressive installation process means faster, quality builds that are long-lasting, safe and environmentally smart.

In an independent cost comparison report by Faithful and Gould, Hadley Steel Frame was evaluated against traditional blockwork. The objective was to determine the most efficient construction material in the UAE. The report shows that a 2,000m2 area of external wall space took 14 weeks less time to construct from Hadley SFS, resulting in a shorter construction duration. There was also a significant saving in Main Contractor Time Related Preliminaries; a saving of nearly 4 million AED.


Bringing the Future Forward

The Faithful and Gould report highlighted a number of additional advantages regarding Hadley SFS over blockwork. Many of which give investors the assurance of early returns. Hadley SFS provides a weathered envelope earlier in the build, which allows for early commencement of fit-out works. Earlier handover, plus more flexibility for tasks which are not on the critical path can mean the difference between weeks and months. 

Internal walls, floors and partitions are supported by Hadley SFS, so in the event of any design changes, business can continue to thrive. Hadley’s steel frame systems allow for a flexible build programme that can adapt when it needs to. 


British Made, Sustained for all

With increasing government regulations around the world on sustainability in construction, Hadley Industries Middle East responds with smart design technology such as BIM modelling to enable construction professionals to get the most out of every piece of steel. 

In the comparison study, when compared to blockwork, an SFS wall produced 95% less wastage on materials. SFS can be repeatedly reused and recycled, sustaining a high economic value throughout its life cycle. It’s a lower mass of material compared to blockwork results in a much less embodied carbon. Resource efficiency is a major part of global construction efforts, represented strongly with British made steel in Dubai.


Setting the Example

Our advanced design systems and efficient sustainable installation process have made major contributions to iconic local facilities, including Zaya Nurai, an award-winning luxury resort off the coast of Saadiyat Island. 

90% of this structure was designed and built off-site. This includes 7,700m2 of Hadley steel, pre panelised and bolted. This significantly reduced build time and cost and is being considered a fundamental technique for the future of the UAE.


See the Faithful and Gould Hadley SFS vs Blockwork cost comparison report, and prepare to invest in the future of construction in Dubai.