19th October 2020

Building Trends that are Saving Thousands

Hadley is building trends that are saving thousands. You can be a part of this saving spree by simply switching to Hadley’s Steel Framing Systems from the traditional Blockwork.


Why now?

Since 1996, Hadley has become one of the key steel manufacturers in the middle east and has grown to become one of the most important facilities, where the production capabilities have far exceeded expectations. This means that as an industry, Hadley is equipped to produce as needed leaving you with fast turnaround time.


It’s all in the Proof

As it’s all in the proof we will let these stats do all the talking. These stats were derived from an external wall install of 2,000m2.

  • Hadley SFS proved to be a 14 week quicker install compared to traditional blockwork.
  • A saving of nearly 4 million AED was recorded in comparison to traditional blockwork which was driven largely by the shorter overall construction time.
  • 95% less wastage compared to traditional blockwork
  • It was estimated that SFS requires up to 25 times less lorry deliveries to site compared to blockwork.

As well as this these were the potential benefits that were discovered:

  • The weather was no longer a determining factor
  • Commencement of internal fit-out works was now early
  • There was an increased float for not so critical tasks
  • There was an early handover to investors


Even more proof – Zaya Nurai, Island Villas

An award-winning luxury resort just off the coast of Saadiyat Island was constructed more than 90% off-site. Hadley provided 7,700m2 of pre-panelised bolted wall structure. This panelised frame reduced the build time and significantly lowered unit build cost. Yet another reason to choose Hadley over your traditional Blockwork.


What about me?

So what does this mean for you? Well, when it comes to keeping your customers happy, the stats previously mentioned speak for themselves. However, this also means that less time can be spent on worrying about whether these products are right for your customers and more time spent on providing the best possible customer service for your valued clients.


Can I get my customers excited about this?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the numbers; whether those numbers mean less time, money or resources they all contribute to keeping your customer happy and excited for the potential result.


Switch to Hadley today and find out how you can benefit from the innovative trends being cast your way.


See the Faithful and Gould Hadley SFS vs Blockwork cost comparison report, and be prepared to save thousands.