15th July 2020

Clever Ways to Save in Modern Construction

Hadley SFS is leading the way in smart, exciting design for the construction industry in Dubai; but smart doesn’t always mean visually impressive. Every iconic structure in the UAE is the result of a well thought out timeline of process and procedures. For your next project, identify and capitalise on the cost saving opportunities that Hadley SFS offers.


Save from the Start

Design structures that are purposefully created to save both in the short and long term, with state of the art modelling technology that secure your budget in the right places. Hadley’s fully bespoke design service and Building Information Modelling technology (BIM) not only launch your project the right way, but will save you money right away, ensuring that no element of the blueprint is wasted. 


Save on Construction

Cost management is crucial to your project’s success. Architects are choosing Hadley SFS because of the flexibility it allows over traditional blockwork. In a comparison study conducted by Faithful and Gould, Hadley SFS was compared to blockwork in the construction of a 2,00m2 external wall using a traditional crew of 2 + 1. Construction of the SFS wall took 14 weeks less time than blockwork. Savings were also reflected in the cost, as Main Contractor Time Related Preliminaries cost nearly 4 million AED less on the SFS build.  This is especially good for Architects who are meticulous in their approach and need time to refine the finer details of the structure.


Save on Materials

The study reported huge savings on materials used; this is especially important for Architects with a reputation for innovation and sustainability. The results of the study show there is a 95% reduction in wastage when choosing Hadley SFS over blockwork. This is because SFS can be repeatedly reused and recycled; if every bit of steel is given a purpose, it’s economical value remains high and none of your material budget goes to waste. 


The Commercial Advantage

It falls to the Architect to find the cost-saving advantages in the materials chosen. However, think about how your clients, regulators and stakeholders can save money too.

We can determine that the Hadley Steel Frame System allows for faster construction of a weathered envelope, able to accommodate tasks not on the critical path, including early commencement of fit out works, a welcome benefit to your clients. The build programme’s flexibility allows for quicker turnaround times and business in the local area can return to normal with minimal disruption.


Jumeriah Beach: Sustainable Savings

Dubai’s iconic Jumeriah beach Hotel is known throughout the world for its wave-like design. Hadley was tasked with renovating the interior using lightweight material, consistent with the building’s challenging specifications. 

1,200m2 of exterior SFS infill was specified for this task, creating a lightweight solution that was fit for purpose and fully compliant. Assisting Knauf with the design and calculations, the build was a cost effective, successful example of where design meets engineering. This original Dubai icon has been restored and equipped with materials that will carry Jumeriah Beach Hotel into the future.

Hadley SFS offers Architects life changing savings from the start. Implement a cost effective plan with Hadley SFS and join the advancement of iconic structures that are just as impressive on the inside, as on the outside.

Download the Faithful+Gould Cost Comparison Report today to find out the facts.