15th July 2020

Concrete vs Steel: Hadley’s Solid Profits


Hadley SFS vs Blockwork

In the modern construction business, there is an ever increasing demand for quality and sustainability. For distributors, this means a change of demands, and a supply chain that must answer accordingly. But the priority for you and your client remains the same; a quality build, reduced financial risks and a healthy route to profit. 

Faithful and Gould carried out a comparison study between Hadley SFS and traditional blockwork. The objective of the study was to determine the most cost-effective build method in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The study revealed a number of benefits available to Installers, Architects and their clients through SFS. Here are some of the ways Hadley SFS is forecasting a profitable future for distributors as a result.


Stay Focused on the Goal 

The ultimate priority for your clients is a healthy, profitable bottom line when their structures are complete and open for business. It’s helpful to remind them that investing in Hadley SFS means reduced financial risk in the short term and sustainable profitability in the long term.

In the comparison study by Faithful and Gould, two 2,000m2 sample external walls were erected in blockwork and SFS. The cost of the facade as well as cost implications for Main Contractor Time Related Preliminaries were calculated. While the unit rate for SFS was higher than blockwork, the installation time was 14 weeks quicker, resulting in a final saving of just over 4 million AED on Main Contractor Time Related Preliminaries. 

While your clients demand a good price and cost effective materials, it is worth reminding them of the ultimate goal; a completely cost effective installation. 


Keep Your Stock Moving

If your materials are on the move, your business is moving forward. The logistical advantages of Hadley SFS as revealed in the comparison study show how concrete blockwork has been slowing business down. 

In the movement of Hadley SFS, your clients’ schedule will be freed up. The study revealed that it takes SFS an estimated 25 times less lorry deliveries to get to site. This will not only minimise transport costs to you, but save your clients more time and money in site logistics, traffic management, health and safety and the environment. The sustainability of SFS means that the steel you supply will produce 95% less wastage than the blockwork you supply, significantly increasing its economic value over concrete, and maintaining it’s value for the long term.


Profitability, Proven

A selection of Hadley Steel Framing profiles have been used by Masdar City, the world’s first zero carbon city enterprise, based in Abu Dhabi. The iconic Etihad Eco-Residence features Hadley SFS as part of the structure’s airtight building envelope. This structural work has resulted in a 63% reduction in total energy consumption, when compared to the Estidama PBRS baseline. 

It’s essential to demonstrate to your clients that Hadley SFS is setting the standard for long term economic success in the UAE, and that now is the time to be part of it.

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