6th December 2021

COP28 Puts Spotlight on UAE Innovation

As COP26 concludes, the global discussion on climate and the decarbonisation of industry intensifies. Priorities are being set, nation by nation to improve industrial practices to reduce carbon emissions and make smarter use of energy. 

The home of Hadley Industries Middle East has been front and center in the climate discussion, as of late. Most notably, the UAE has been announced as the host of COP28, when once again the global business and political community will gather to enforce measures to protect our planet. In other words, in November 2023, all eyes will be on our part of the world. 

Alongside this exciting announcement, the UAE also announced a commitment to ensure 50% of its entire energy output will be clean by 2050. Detailed plans to achieve this ambitious goal will be expected to be revealed on the global stage next year. 

While nations strengthen local measures to improve industrial practices, in order to become more energy efficient, construction bears a significant weight of this responsibility.

At COP28, when everyone arrives on our shores for the next UN Climate Change Conference, it is up to leaders in the built environment to demonstrate progress, evidence and proof that we are headed towards a cleaner, decarbonised future. Progress in this direction could take many forms:

  • Transfer of infrastructure to digital platforms
  • Growing portfolios of energy efficient building products
  • Increased efforts to work towards carbon neutral workforces
  • Sustainability first design and planning
  • Reduced carbon footprint in the transportation of materials, equipment and workforce

Fortunately, for some leaders in construction here in the UAE, we already have evidence of these changes happening. 

Here are just a few of the energy efficiency and sustainability focused innovations that Hadley Industries Middle East have become known for, in four essential categories: