13th July 2021

Five Reasons Why Contractors Leave Money On The Ground

Every build, whether it is a steel frame or a concrete block structure, comes at a material cost to the Contractor. There is no material specification on earth that is going to make you rich overnight. However, there are decisions being made by Contractors every day that slow down the process of building profits, due to reliance on outdated materials.

Here are five reasons why concrete structures cost contractors, and why working steel structure building into your projects with a Hadley SFS solution might just turn your fortunes around.

Building Slower

Concrete, by its very nature, is a slow material to use, compared to steel frame. The use of concrete may be well known for its strength and its ability to achieve a type of “solid” look and feel, but these days, there are simply faster, better ways to achieve such strength using steel components.

Steel frame is engineered to be used for a variety of safe, efficient structures. Arguably one of the strongest advantages to Hadley SFS steel frame construction, certainly in the early stages of the building is the overall speed of build. Structural steel requires less time on each project, which is instrumental to achieving shorter timescales, or handling of multiple lucrative projects simultaneously.

For you, this means generating new income streams and being able to support the future of your business, with a focus on getting ahead of the competition.

Hiring Too Many People

The sheer weight of concrete blockwork and its accompanying logistical challenges requires the use of a large group of bodies on the ground, which is the first of many financial disadvantages.

Meanwhile, a scaled down crew of trusted, trained steel frame installers can not only outperform the efficiency of a crew on concrete, they can deliver a structure faster and with substantially less labor costs.

Hiring The Wrong Types Of People

It’s not about having the most people on site; it’s about having the best type of professional on site and making the most of them. Where concrete demands quantity, Hadley steel framing structures require quality. We offer installer training to make sure everyone on site is contributing to the project and nobody is slowing you down.

Letting Logistics Get In The Way

Transportation, weather conditions and the pressure of calculating quantities are just some of the costly stresses of the concrete construction process before the bulk of the work has even begun.

Steel framing is not only faster to build; it is faster to transport to the construction site. Hadley SFS means you can get what you need, get it on site and get it built in your time, on your terms, with less distractions and annoying logistical pitfalls and delays.

Ordering Too Much Of The Required Material

Hadley SFS produces 95% less wastage than concrete. Order what you need, and no more than that. This alone has savings potential of thousands and eliminates the additional financial stress of dealing with waste management and disposal at the end of a project.

Start Your Next Steel Frame Structure

The safe, sustainable and fast steel building process that Hadley steel framing offers can, and should grant Contractors the ability to support a profitable future.

Contact a Hadley Group representative to discuss using steel frame to support the next big project – visit our contact page