17th September 2021

How To Improve Construction Through Collaboration

Collaboration fuels world-class construction.

That’s been our philosophy at Hadley Group, where steel framing has shaped the construction industry for decades in the UK and beyond.

When you start to look beyond and international projects emerge, sometimes in their hundreds if not thousands, the spirit of collaboration cannot be lost. That’s why we ensure our vision, mission and standards of excellence are maintained inside and outside of the United Kingdom.

It’s no secret that the Dubai construction community is an exciting place. Architects are realising their life’s work among an iconic skyline of innovative structures; Hadley steel framing is proud to be among them.

We don’t get as far as we have around the world without collaboration. So what does good collaboration look like when designing, specifying and installing an exciting modern structure?

Here are the things you’ll need.

● A transparent supply chain – a golden thread of information that can be followed to the letter, clearly and easily, from design to completion.

● Intelligent design – a thorough understanding of the structure from a conceptual, physical, environmental and financial perspective from day one, with fierce loyalty to the original vision from start to finish.

● Thorough communication – Professional delegation of responsibilities and clear, timely communication of progress. Regular status reporting and a collaborative, positive approach to problem solving to keep the project on track.

● Reliable, trained installers – a safe, positive working environment where the standards forged by manufacturers and architects are upheld and delivered on site.

Whether you are designing an apartment block in Birmingham, a stone’s throw away from Hadley Group’s birthplace, or the next iconic cultural landmark in Dubai, one of the fastest-growing and affluent cities in the world; expect the same standard of collaboration and nothing less.

Hadley Industries Middle East – More Than a Home From Home Hadley Steel Framing solutions and associated British made steel products are readily available to the very best UK standards and tolerances locally, in the UAE’s business hub of Jabel Ali.

Just like Hadley’s history and reputation in the UK, Hadley Industries Middle East (HIME) have unsurpassed expertise in cold roll forming in Dubai and surrounding regions. This results in an extensive range of innovative products, manufactured locally in Jabel Ali that lead the GCC lightweight steel framing market, with no disconnection to its British made roots.

Here’s how Hadley steel framing enables you to execute world class collaboration in the UAE:

● A transparent supply chain – Hadley Steel Frame through-wall solutions and all associated products are locally available at your fingertips, made in the UAE to the highest British standards.

● Intelligent design – Both indicative and full design services are equally available to UK and Dubai project customers. Both are underwritten via Hadley Group Global PI insurance.

● Thorough communication – More than 60 full time Engineers and Technicians are available to offer support and guidance at any stage in your construction project.

● Reliable, trained installers – Hadley SFS Approved training courses are available, run by expert SFS installers on a regular basis. Our workshops cover every aspect of the design and installation process of SFS, including our range of products.

Hadley Industries Middle East is a leading example of world-class international collaboration. Our products, services, support and leadership throughout your projects in the Middle East will all feature the same quality DNA as your current UK steel framing experience.

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