2nd June 2021

Installer Training – Awareness through Excellence

Excellence is a quality that benefits countless others. In construction, excellence in specification, design, installation and execution can be seen from miles around, its influence remembered in today’s structures for generations.

Hadley Group is an internationally recognized standard bearer in cold rolled metal profiles. However, we achieved this by building a culture of local partnerships. We are proud to work together with local construction professionals to deliver installer training that will help shape the future in metal.

Hadley Installer Training

We want to spread awareness for Hadley Steel the right way. In the hands of properly trained installers, Hadley SFS has delivered faster projects and safe sustainable buildings to the retail, residential, leisure and culture sectors and more.  

While there are currently a number of experienced installers of SFS in the UAE, practical contractor training delivered by us delivers a message of quality and excellence when it comes to building safe, sustainable structures. So let’s start together. 

A Hadley Group installation trainer will support installers in developing their understanding of the following:

  • The full range of Hadley Steel applications
  • Hadley SFS specification
  • Scheduling
  • Ordering
  • Avoiding installation problems

We then recommend installers to projects and monitor each one, with regular site visits on every project. 

Please note: In light of COVID-19 restrictions, we are in the process of developing online installer training and we will host on-site training when restrictions allow. 


Why Train with Hadley?

Training with Hadley group is better for contractors, installers and, ultimately, the workers and residents that rely on safe, quality buildings. 

Increased efficiency – Hadley SFS, unlike blockwork, eliminates the need for messy wet trades, which are time-consuming in both the process itself and the inevitable clean-up operation that follows. Projects can begin faster, progress faster and finish faster. 

Cost-effective – Hadley SFS is designed for speed of build, reducing man hours and a significant cost to your customers. Investing in Hadley SFS training now creates thousands in potential savings on the projects that follow. 

Health and Safety – Hadley SFS reduces the need for heavy access provisions, resulting in less hazards in the workplace and a safer environment for installers. 

Labour requirements – Less labour is needed, improving social distancing standards as we continue our efforts to maintain productivity in an environment changed drastically by COVID-19.


Ready to Get Started?

Hadley SFS Approved training courses are available, run by expert SFS installers on a regular basis. Our workshops cover every aspect of the design and installation process of SFS, including our range of products.

Contact a Hadley Group representative to discuss installer training for your team, or if you’d like to speak to a recognised Hadley SFS installer.