15th April 2020

The SFS Difference: It’s In The Numbers

When it comes to doing business with new products and services, the numbers never lie. Your success depends on your ability to communicate to your clients the financial and practical benefits your process has to offer, over the others. 

Bring prestige to your pitch and structure to your construction success in this hyper-competitive industry. Get to know the facts about Hadley SFS and use them to your advantage.


The Number of Materials

In a market where concrete blockwork is still a popular choice among the construction community, you need to offer smart materials that enable your clients to do more. Sometimes, less is more. 

In a comparison report published by Faithful and Gould, comparisons were drawn between traditional blockwork and Hadley SFS. The numbers show that lightweight steel framing is more flexible, versatile and efficient. For example, following a study in 2015 that compared wastage between the two materials, Hadley SFS wall solutions produced 95% less wastage than dense concrete blockwork. SFS is supplied already cut to length, minimising wastage from offcuts. The 1% of offcuts created, re-enter the production process, so everything is used.


The Number of Lorries 

Hadley SFS comes with a fully bespoke design service right from the beginning. For your investors, this means you’ll always know what’s coming to the site, what it’s for and exactly how it works. The logistical advantage is clear; you’re getting lighter, custom made materials loaded onto lorries and delivered to the site quicker, with less need for constant trips back and forth. This efficient process, when compared to blockwork in 2015, required 25 times less lorry deliveries to site. 


The Number of Days

Timing is everything to your investors; your next contract depends on your ability to deliver a swift and efficient build. When compared to blockwork in a 2019 study, Hadley SFS outperformed its rival in productivity, as the crew was able to install an external wall area of 2,000m2 in only 54 days, a total of 14 weeks quicker than blockwork. 

During a high profile construction project, the difference of 14 weeks amounts to life changing sums of money. Hadley SFS is making prestigious construction profitable worldwide, and it’s doing it quicker.


The Number of Skilled Workers

The same crew employed to construct the two outer walls of SFS and blockwork consisted of three men. In a typical week, the crew were able to install up to 168m2 greater wall coverage using SFS over blockwork.

However, when planning a major structural project, costing in Main Contractor Preliminaries is essential to profitability. In the steel frame build, Time-related Main Contractor Preliminaries, amounted to 54 days, costing 2,170,543AED. In order to build a wall of the same size using blockwork, Preliminaries amounted to 156 days and 6,222,222AED. 


The Number of Experts By Your Side

Hadley’s team of 60 full time Engineers and Technicians are available to every single Hadley customer throughout the process, putting cutting edge technology and technical support right by your side. Consider the strength in numbers Hadley provides you with from the very start.

Hadley SFS can turbocharge your productivity and profitability and now you have the facts to prove it. Show your investors these numbers, along with our Hadley Steel Frame vs Blockwork study and start setting some life-changing business goals.